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Acorns and Oak Leaves - Drop Chain

Acorns and Oak Leaves - Drop Chain

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The acorns and oak leaves threepence is so beautiful - a small silver coin that evokes a feeling of life, nature, longevity and strength. 


1920's - 1930's half silver threepence, 16mm diameter and drilled. 

Pinch bail, sterling silver chain (ball chain shown), 18inch

Some oak trees alive in the UK today are over 800 years old and many were planted by historic homes and landscape gardeners through the ages. Very few natural forests remain and our oaks are trees to be respected, treasured and planted to preserve the life of the environment and tiny creatures that establish their homes and safety within them. 

The Prenoa garden has two oak trees, under the shade of which we often sit. These coins are very special to us and remind us of our strength and service.


Includes a Prenoa gift box and care kit. 

Suitable for men or women.

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