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The Christmas Domed Sixpence Necklace

The Christmas Domed Sixpence Necklace

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A classic Prenoa necklace - featuring the lucky British sixpence, which has been domed by hand. Doming gives a unique, reflective surface that sits perfectly against the skin in a semi-sphere. Perfect for the Christmas cheer and a unique piece that can be worn all year round. 

"The sixpence is the traditional coin to give at Christmas time. Known for its wishes of good fortune, luck and good wishes for the season"

A timeless classic commemorating your special year.


British sixpence, domed, 19mm diameter, tails facing out, coin year chosen by us for you

Sterling silver attachments and rolo (1mm 'o' link chain). This is daintier than our snake chain.

Ideal for: Birthdays, anniversaries, friendship gifts, reunions, weddings, good luck gifts, get well soon gifts, British heritage, Christenings and silver wedding anniversaries


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