Old Silver Sixpence Necklace
Silver sixpence necklace
Silver Sixpence Necklace
Silver Sixpence Prendant Necklace
Old Silver Sixpence Necklace

Old Silver Sixpence Necklace

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Handmade using a real British solid silver sixpence necklace with sterling silver findings and freshwater pearl charm. This necklace would be perfect for marking a 25th wedding anniversary, a 30th pearl anniversary, a child's Christening or family members birth year.

This sixpence necklace is made with an original 1910-1922 silver British sixpence. The year may alter slightly to the design shown, but the design will be the same.


The coin measures 19mm in diameter

Sterling silver bail

Sterling silver 1.8mm rolo chain - luxe links and amazing quality. 16-24inches.

The tradition of the silver sixpence. For many years, giving a sixpence of solid silver was a generous gesture of love. These coins have so many traditions attached to them. A bride is said to have a happy marriage if she places a sixpence in her left shoe on the wedding day; a baby is said to always be wealthy if they are gifted a sixpence for the baptism or christening. A man or woman with a sixpence in his pocket is said to always have luck on their side. Sixpences were placed in Christmas puddings, gifted to children at Christmas and even given to the church as a gesture of charity at Easter. These dear coins have come and gone from circulation over the years, but their legacy remains. 

Giftboxed and ready for giving.