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Best of British - Coin Brooches Are a Perfect Gift

To celebrate the start of the wedding season, we are pleased to finally showcase our Prenoa British coin brooches. These are so adaptable and here's a little of why - 

We take the best examples of British sixpences, three pences and farthings to create a simple and classic coin brooch suitable for every day wear. These coins are presented either flat or slightly domed, with a sterling silver pin carefully soldered to the reverse. We then add a sterling silver back, to encapsulate the pin edge for you to safely secure the brooch to a garment of your choice.


We have found these to be so versatile. Not only are they perfect for those who cannot wear jewellery due to allergies or preference, but they are suitable for men and women of all ages. 

Create your own story around the coins themselves. Each is a piece of treasure and will hold a unique meaning for you or your loved one, but here are some examples of how they inspire us.

There are so many ways to wear these pins. Why not add a beautiful bronze wren farthing to a favourite hat with some feathers, or perhaps a lucky sixpence to a groom's buttonhole with some stems? Our smaller three pence coins are perfect for a tie tack, or can be worn as an additional button on a sleeve of lapel for a distinguished and eye catching appearance. Add to handbags, scarves, bouquets, garters, coats, lapels or waistcoats.


For birthdays, we love the idea that a dated sixpence can be worn year after year, because the date is visible and not the 'age'. This is also true for anniversaries!

We love that these pins are a discreet way of keeping a loved one close, perhaps they live far away or are travelling, or are now in our hearts. 


It really is our pleasure to share these beautiful options with you and add them across the collections. They are a great way to grow your Prenoa collection and to also add an alternative gift idea to necklaces and bracelets. 

If you would like help to create a brooch pin using similar coins to your existing purchases, please get in touch. Bespoke years and coins can be sourced on an individual basis and we love making your dreams come true. 

Take a look at the collection of brooches and pins here, or you can find them scattered through our wedding, anniversary an birthday collections site wide. 



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