Here are some frequently asked questions about all things Prenoa to guide you in finding your forever coins.

I do hope they will give you the answers you need and if not, do get in touch at prenoajewellery@gmail.com

About the Company

1. What does Prenoa mean? 

'Pre' means what was before. It has been quite a journey getting to this point and my interests in art have taken many forms of expression over the years. 'Noa' reflects now, this moment. In Hebrew Noa means movement, or motion and I like this idea too - we are all just going with the flow in the now, honouring all that has come before us.

So, I use the phrase 'Being true to all that has been, and all that is' to reflect my meaning of Prenoa. Since I work with pieces of history, this seems very fitting. 

2. Where is Prenoa based?

Prenoa is an online business - the studio is based in Stamford, UK but it is not a physical shop, all the portfolio is online and everything is made to order. Prenoa sells currently via this online shop (the most up to date site for new designs) and also through Etsy, a US based handmade marketplace. 

3. Is Prenoa on social media?

Yes, Prenoa can be found on instagram and facebook (@prenoajewellery). Becky is also on LinkedIn and links to each can be found in the footer of prenoa.com. Social media profiles and stories are added to every few days, so sharing your Prenoa pieces of jewellery and staying in touch is a great way to find out what is happening and what new products have been launched!

4 .Does Prenoa do anything to help others?

Yes, Prenoa gives to charitable causes in humanitarian, social and conservation areas from the profits made by the company. Becky believes in balance and the business is founded on the idea that money is energy and it is important to keep it working and flowing to all, to benefit all. Conservation is a passion of Becky's, especially bee conservation and tree planting for next generations. You'll often find a packet of seeds in your order from Becky's own garden in the hope they will prosper and bring you (and the planet) joy and health. 

Prenoa packaging is recyclable, from the cut out paper stars to the mailing labels and sticky tape, so please do your part by recycling or composting.

5. Can I have a discount for my purchase?

Discounts are often shared on social media or blog posts throughout the year, but they are few and far between. The company ethos is to deliver amazingly beautiful coin jewellery and accessories in an honest way to everyone. Furthermore, items are all made to order, delivering personal, handmade true value. There are however, times such as Christmas that promotional codes or minimum purchase discounts are shared, so do watch out for those, especially around Valentine's Day and Christmas.

6. Does Prenoa offer wholesale and what is the minimum quantity? 

Yes, Prenoa offers wholesale for shops, boutiques and galleries. Minimum quantity depends on the items that are being purchased and availability. Rebecca is always happy to discuss new ideas and wholesale needs.

Postage and Delivery

1. How long do you take to make my order?

Prenoa aims to despatch your order within 3-5 working days for popular creations such as sixpence necklaces and homeware coins. If you have purchased more than 3 items at once, this can take a little longer. This is because some items take longer to make than others, but all will be sent out at the same time, unless requested differently. Becky always posts out designs as quickly as possible, whilst being attentive to quality and safety. 

Solid gold items and silver-smithing pieces are made from scratch, so please allow between 7 and 14 days for these, or contact Becky prior to purchase to discuss lead times.

2. How can I receive my order more quickly?

Some items have a 'fast track' service you can add to basket. This helps you to jump the queue of orders and your purchase will be prioritised. Solid gold orders, bangles and cufflinks are exempt from this service, due to needing time to clean, file, pickle and polish.

3. What postal services does Prenoa use?

Royal Mail collects mail Monday to Friday from the studio. UK services are first class recorded and special delivery, whilst international services are all tracked by Royal Mail and handed over to their delivery partners at destination customs. 

4. How will my order be packaged for posting?

Most of your purchases are packaged in recycled cardboard large letter 'PIP' boxes, or smaller items such as initial charms are posted in recyclable jiffy bags.

Coin jewellery and accessories are gift boxed, whilst initial charms and 'extras' are gift wrapped in a Prenoa wax sealed envelope or fabric gift bag. 

5. Why has my tracking stopped updating?

There can be a few reasons for this. International packages sometimes fail to have their tracking updated when Royal Mail hand over to the domestic partner. This can cause a lag of a few days before reappearing with several updates at once. Another reason is because customs has your item - this can take a few days or sometimes weeks - it just depends on the time of year, staffing of the customs depot and the priority of mail. It is a game of patience as intervention at this stage is not possible. On the very rare occasion customs holds the item or tampers with it, this is returned to the sender.

6. What health policies has Prenoa employed?

High levels of cleanliness are employed in the studio and workshop at all times. Making areas are disinfected regularly throughout the working day (beginning and end too). Hand washing, mask wearing and visors are employed. Mail handover is done at a distance of more than two metres outside the studio. For more details please email Becky with any queries you may have. 

7. How do I make a return?

Hopefully, you'll fall in love with your Prenoa piece the moment you hold it in your hands, but if you don't this time, Prenoa does accept returns. Please send an email to prenoajewellery@gmail.com within five working days of receipt to discuss a return, exchange or refund. 

Products and Services

1. How do I size a bangle?

Bangle sizing is all about the size of the hand, not the wrist.

Two easy ways to size for a bangle are these. You could measure in cm and mm the diameter (across/through the centre point) of an existing bangle and compare to Prenoa sizes (60mm, 64mm and 70mm) or, you could take a piece of string and wrap it around the widest part of a gently clenched fist. Then measure the piece of string and compare to the sizes above (if the string sits between two sizes, go for the larger).

2. Are they real coins?


3. What dates do you have?

A huge range! Some coins date back as far as the 1700's. This website allows you to shop by decades, but if you cannot find the date you need or are unsure on the design in that year, do get in touch. The majority of coins are dated in the 20th century, and work with imperial coins and solid silver coins from pre 1900.

4. Why are some coins more expensive than others?

Coins vary in price due to three main factors. Their condition, rarity now and the mintage volume in the year they were made. These factors combine to give a price for a coin.

5. What is gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil is a plating process that uses sterling silver (925) as it's base metal. Links of a chain or wire is created in sterling silver and then plated in 1.5 microns or more of the gold karat. Gold vermeil items have the stamp of sterling silver, 925 even though they may appear gold, because the base metal is the dominant metal. Gold vermeil is quite hard wearing, but only recommended by Prenoa for occasional wear. 

6. What is gold filled?

Gold filled chains are sold here as an upgrade to gold vermeil. Filling is a process of pressure bonding gold to a base metal, which can be silver, brass or other alloys. Gold filled metals and chains are a more durable alternative to plating or vermeil and suitable for regular wear. 

7.. What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver is an alloy of solid silver and copper. It is 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% copper, which is why it carries the mark of 925. Some British coins pre 1919 are solid sterling silver and all silver chains, bracelets and bangles on the website are sterling silver.

8. What length of chain should I buy?

When purchasing your chain length, please think about the person you are purchasing for - their build, their style and perhaps even their complexion. Longer chains tend to be favoured by those purchasing for more mature relatives who struggle with clasps, whilst shorter chains are favoured by younger recipients to be worn in a choker or layering style necklace. 18inches is considered by jewellers to be a 'standard length' for a necklace, with 30-36inches considered to be very long. If the coin you are purchasing is large, you may wish to consider a longer chain, say 24inches, whilst for a smaller coin (eg an Irish half penny or silver threepence) a shorter 16-18inch chain may be preferred.

9. Why are bangles out of stock?

Bangles are released two or three times per year in a limited edition capacity. Each bangle is made to order and so it is more efficient to create bangles in larger batches several times a year than all year round. This also means that new designs can be launched with each new release and it keeps the range fresh and adaptable. If Prenoa bangles are out of stock currently, don't dismay, you can contact us to find out when they will be on sale again or follow on social media where it is announced in advance. 

10. Can I leave a review for my purchase?

Prenoa would love to receive your review via Google. Just google search 'Prenoa' and the business guide on the right will direct you to the review section. 

11. How do I commission a bespoke order?

You can get in touch by emailing prenoajewellery@gmail.com It is always worth looking at items you like on the website, with a few details about the person you are buying for so that Becky has some information to make suggests from. 

12. Can I buy just the coin? 

At the moment, Prenoa just creates finished charms and items of jewellery. 

13. Why don't you have many modern British coins?

It is illegal to drill or deface a decimal coin in Britain. For this reason, five pences and other more modern coins are mounted in a removable mount that does not damage the coin. 

14. What is different about Prenoa cuff links? 

Prenoa cufflinks are handmade to order and have elements that are customisable. They are also soldered with quality sterling solder, unlike other coin cufflinks which are sometimes glued or base metal soldered. Prenoa cufflinks are made to last, in a large range of coin varieties, ideal for handing down for generations to come. 

15. Is the coin gold/silver/rose gold plated?

Unless the coin was minted (made) that way, it is not plated by Prenoa.

Wearing and keeping your jewellery

1. What should I do if I or the person I am buying for has allergies? 

If you or the person you are buying for is known to have allergies to metal, we would sadly advise against purchasing jewellery to avoid any health issues. Whilst some people choose to buy longer (solid gold, silver or surgical steel) chains, so the coins do not come into contact with the skin, this may not be suitable.

Please note that magnetic clasps are not suitable for those with a heart condition. Snake chains are not advised for people with large moles or skin tags around the neck or chest area. It is advised that sixpences post 1920 should be worn against clothing rather than directly on the skin.

Prenoa offers a range of surgical steel chains and findings, which are widely considered allergy-free, but please check the composition of individual coins in the item description and be sure before you purchase. Becky is always happy to answer any of your questions concerning allergies.

2. How do I keep my jewellery clean?

Each Prenoa jewellery item is supplied with a care card which advises the best way to care for your handmade pieces. Depending on the piece you have purchased, cleaning rituals may vary. Ideally, if your piece has come into contact with skin, it is wise to clean with a polishing cloth (provided) or a clean cotton cloth to remove any perspiration or perfume etc from the metal to prevent tarnishing. Keep jewellery away from harsh lights, moisture, salt and chemicals. Brass and bronze coins are susceptible to tarnishing more quickly than silver, so please be aware of this. 

Please keep your treasured Prenoa piece away from jewellery liquids and dips - these strip the metals and often do more harm than good for this kind of jewellery.  

3. What is tarnish? What does tarnish do and how is it caused? 

Tarnish is oxidisation. It is a natural science and whilst the rate of tarnishing can be decreased by good jewellery care, as we are surrounded by air and moisture, it cannot be prevented. Tarnishing is basically caused by exposure - a tiny spray of perfume, a shower, salt, creams and oils and so on. Items can tarnish at different rates depending on their exposure to these factors. Consider wearing your jewellery only during the day, and storing in an air tight bag or jewellery box. Spray perfume, cologne etc away from jewellery and clean your jewellery regularly with a polishing cloth like the one provided, or Town Talk, Goddard's etc.

4. What kinds of stones and crystals do you use?

Birthstone charms are created in a mixture of Swarovski elements, freshwater pearls and precious gemstones set in sterling silver. I also use Swarovski pearls occasionally, and semi precious stones like rose quartz, clear quartz, turquoise and lapis lazuli among others for their energetic properties. Diamonds, Beryl and CZ feature also for bespoke pieces. Some special edition designs use amber and Czech crystal, along with a very small amount of faceted glass. All stones and crystals are sustainably sourced, for peace of mind and a clear conscience.