Services and Bespoke

Coin Jewellery and Accessories for Body and Home.

Prenoa offers a bespoke service, which gives you access to email discussions with our founder, Rebecca about the nature of your design. Advice regarding coin years, rarity and value, along with precious metals and after care may be areas that are discussed, to make sure you feel involved in the process every step of the way. Whilst this process takes longer to produce than direct purchasing, the wait often yields great results in ensuring your design is the only piece of its kind in the world.

Jewellery cleaning can be purchased as a process, by simply returning your Prenoa jewellery by post. This will be assessed and cleaned, before being returned back to you. Repairs and refreshing of chains etc can also be carried out if required. We can re-round bangles that may have lost a bit of shape, or silver that has tarnished over time. You may wish to have an extension chain added to your design or even change the length of a chain. We can quote on an individual basis and tailor the repair, polish or adjustment to suit you. All quotes include postage back to you.

If you would like more details about any of these services, please email Prenoa direct at