Celtic Coins That Are More Than Lucky

Celtic Coins That Are More Than Lucky

For a long time, I have admired the Celtic designs on Irish coins. The animals featured on the coins are exquisite and are often the reason you feel drawn to them too. The threepence for instance, features a beautiful hare with big ears and a rounded body. Because there was no monarch in Ireland, the Irish coins feature the harp with its intricate patterned frame and animal – a wolfhound, horse, hare or bird to name but a few.


The small pendant sized threepence is appreciated as a sign of fertility, health and spring time.

It is the birds I am particularly drawn to – their swirling feathers and long beaks. More recently I discovered the half pennies and these tiny coins captured my heart. Much like the British farthing, the bird design looks amazing and captivates the attention when worn on the body. I have been lucky enough to source a few of these half pennies for necklaces, along with their slightly larger bird embossed friends, of one penny and two pennies.

The coins themselves are made of bronze and match rose gold findings perfectly. These really are too good to miss and some of these coins are even uncirculated! If pristine is your thing, then the uncirculated coins are definitely for you. 

Each is available with complimentary chains designs – spiga, a rope-like chain, rolo for the classic and satellite to the more delicate on trend wearer. Solid rose gold, though a little more pricey, is well worth the money if you wish to wear your necklace every day.

It is my belief that these coins don’t just contain the luck of the Irish, but the heritage, recognisable artistic style and sacred emblems of the people of Ireland.

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