Gorgeous Coin Baubles for Your Winter Keepsakes

Gorgeous Coin Baubles for Your Winter Keepsakes

On Christmas Day when I was small, we used to open our stockings in bed before breakfast. Each stocking contained little treats, like chocolates, hair bands, socks, crayons & little toys. I loved this time, all curled up warm under the duvet, knowing that once my grandparents came round, we could have big hugs and mugs of tea, open some of the bigger presents and crack open the naughty choccies by 10am. One thing they always did for us was this- write a big Christmas card with the most loving words on it, and Cellotape pound coins to the left hand page. Those shiny gold coins used to make my eyes pop in wonder, even before I knew what they could buy. 

So, with this special memory in mind, I've added a new range, the first Prenoa Christmas range in fact, in memory of dear Jean and Ray, two people who I owe so much to (and not just several billionty pound coins!). My hope is that the old tradition of giving coins at Christmas (before all this contactless, sterile virtual payment stuff) will be revitalised this year, sending love, history, kindness and good luck throughout the world. 

Do take a look through the new collection - there are some favourites, but also some newbies. Coins to deck your halls, your wreaths, your dinner table and your Christmas tree. Antique coins, swinging 60's coins and little wrens to glimmer in the candle light. 

I hope you enjoy the new pieces and can join me in  continuing the tradition of giving them at this time of year - to let someone you know be reminded of your love, near and far. 

Find Christmas 2020 in Prenoa's Shop. 

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