Launching New Collection - 'The Only One'

Launching New Collection - 'The Only One'

As of today, you'll see there's a new collection on the homepage, called 'The Only One'. But what is this collection all about and why is it so special? Well, read on to find out. 

A lot of my designs begin their life as biro or ink sketches in a paper notebook, with the date and a few annotations. Whilst not many of these come to fruition right away, they are always there and I find them great to look back on when I need a boost, or to see where my head was at certain times of the year. It's a comfort to know that the hustle and bustle of wrapping paper and the polishing machine doesn't dull the unrelenting ideas that flow onto the page with a view to more expansion. 

Some of these little sketches are then made manifest into real life pieces - some work and some don't. The ones that do are kept or given away, but more recently I have been thinking about how I could make them available to you all, because, after all, your forever coin might just be in there waiting for you! Creating a collection that specifically contains only these one of a kind, unique, never to be repeated designs makes perfect sense to me. I intend to add to it regularly and in itself, it can become the one-stop place to go for Prenoa enthusiasts who only want one off pieces. This makes it extra special, because it is an organic, ever-changing collection that stays fresh, reveals my more personal ideas and also celebrates coins that are of limited supply, rarity or very unusual. Yes, it will be a collection of my thoughts, more intimate and more revealing. 


So why call the collection 'The Only One'? Well, I wanted to create a bit of a narrative around the title, to help the buyer know that this is it, the one design, the forever coin, the coin that destiny found. Some coins may have a bit of character, the odd dint, sign of wear or time having past, but oh how I love this about coins and truly, the most interesting coins, like people, carry a sense of wonder and have a magical quality to them. 

It is my hope that 'The Only One' will expand the Prenoa collections and give you more variety, whilst shopping safe in the knowledge that what you are wearing is as unique as you are. Who knows which coins will appear in the collection next, but I can't wait to see and I hope you can't either. 

Shop the new collection via the homepage or click here.

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