New Collection for Spring

New Collection for Spring

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far. It's a chilly start to the year here in Stamford but that is not dampening the happy spirits inside now 2020 is behind us. 

As is the case with a new year, Prenoa coins all jump up a notch and there's plenty to see emerging onto the website piece by piece. This time I have 'coined' the new additions as 'The Spring Collection' and it is now live. 

You'll find all the coins in their available years ending in 1's if you are searching for milestone birthday and anniversary gifts, along with a new release of Irish coins for a 21st birthday or wedding anniversary. The ever-so popular Irish horse twenty pences are also restocked in various years, so I am sure they will continue to be a hit this year!

Over the spring I intend to add some cracking designs that will spruce up your jewellery collection and enhance your coin necklaces too. These every day pieces will revolutionise how you shop with Prenoa, meaning you can add little treats to basket for yourself alongside your coin gifts, as well as easily make jewellery sets using these smaller, adaptable designs. They're still in progress, so more about those in the coming few months. 

In the mean time, I really hope you enjoy the Spring Collection. I will be adding more as the days get lighter (and therefore more light to photograph in!), so keep popping back and I would love to make something for you soon! 


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