Coin Jewellery with new bails, happy New Year!

Coin Jewellery with new bails, happy New Year!

Did someone blink and it became January!? Wow, happy new year all.

Since becoming a mumma last year, it's been a whirlwind of splitting myself and my time into what feels like a million pieces. But a new year signals the new dates of coins and I cannot be more excited for what we have been working on behind the scenes. My dabbling in the workshop has paid off and Paul has been working throughout my maternity leave to bring my sometimes wacky drawings and 2am light bulb moments to life, in actual metal. 


So what is new? Well, we have refined our new precious metal bails and it's a cleaner look. Not only do these bails sit at the top of the coin like a traditional pendant, but they preserve the coin's identity, rather than taking a small portion away by drilling. This is particularly important for the QEII sixpences, as navigating that English rose can be tricky at times with a 1.5mm drill bit. Anyway, these new bails are now available on our sixpences, three pences, French centimes, Italian Lira and South African coins. Gold, rose gold and silver, and that's quite a big deal. Using the very best quality bails and solid gold, silver and red gold solder, we solder each in-house and polish by hand to preserve the coin as best we can and add that bit of Prenoa magic. It's a sleeker, higher quality step up that I've wanted to roll out for some time.

Lastly, each piece is infused with Reiki by me, and sent out into the world with loving intentions and a hope that the wearer is kept safe and brought wonderful new experiences while wearing their forever coin. 

As Louise Hay would say 'What we put out, comes back' and isn't this what money does... it reminds us in a physical sense that it's all about giving, exchanging, sharing and keeping the flow moving. 

My intention this year is to keep the energy of Prenoa moving - keep talking with love about what I do, how much I believe in raising awareness in our beautiful coins, preserving our heritage and enjoying the jewellery that can be created using these time worn treasures. I want to inspire my daughter to find her passion, to look closely, to stare with wonder and to enjoy being part of this wonderful world and all it has to offer her; and her, it.

Becky x


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