Something that affects us all

Something that affects us all

A recent conversation with a fellow small business got us both talking about the things we do day to day in our businesses that we feel has made a big difference over time and now is just routine. It was interesting to share what worked for us and it really helped us both to share ideas. 

We then got onto the subject of recycling, waste and the impact we have on the planet, even down to delivery and sourcing. Then a few days later I received an email that sparked my inspiration even more and got me thinking much wider about sustainability and its facets. This line caught my attention in particular:

"You, dear artisan, are in a unique position to make a big difference.

Your brand isn’t just a business; it's a movement."

- Lyndsey James, The Artisan Founder.

I started writing down all the things we do at Prenoa to impact the heart of others, but not the planet. I was surprised by the number of points that naturally came to mind. 

So I have put together a new page about the topic and I hope you'll enjoy reading it. Since writing it only a week ago, I have already found four new points to add and it has raised my consciousness to new ways we can innovate and source. 

You can read more about our charitable funds, green packaging and even learn more about the history of our workshop by clicking here or visiting the link on our homepage or via the website footer. 

Here's to a more responsible way to do business, in every sense. Earth, we love you x


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