Autumnal sixpence cufflinks made with sterling silver

The Autumn Edit 2020 is LIVE!

Today is the day - the sun is shining, Cookie is playing with fallen sycamore leaves in the garden and although I have been up since 5am and on my second cup of coffee already (no doubt asleep by 8pm too), the Autumn Edit is now online ready for you all peruse and delight in. 

It's always so nerve racking when something so personal and curated goes online. I often drip feed products onto the website and don't make too much of them, because the truth is, I am always getting new ideas and I am just too eager to share them, rather than wait until a specific date. However, there has been so much going on here over recent months. We had a great honeymoon back in September and since coming back my focus has altered and my desires for Prenoa have evolved. 

The Autumn Edit is my way of bringing people closer to the brand. It's a concentrated period of time where products I am unable to offer all year round are available to purchase in time for Christmas, or even for next year if you are a planner like me. Special dates, years and people shouldn't be short-changed (pardon the pun), and as much as I wish I could make bangles and cufflinks all year round, with wholesale, two online shops and all the other things that come with running a handmade business single-handedly, the fact is having short spells throughout the year where I can make to order is the best way. So over the next few weeks while your orders come in, I will be showing you some behind the scenes of the photography process, making in the workshop and the final polish. 

So what is in the Autumn collection? Well, it had to be acorns and oak leaves coins, didn't it? This year particularly, fashions seem to be recognising the humble oak and as I look out the studio window right now, I can see the ocre tinges and crumpled paper-like leaves of our dear driveway oak, planted by our predecessor some thirty years ago. The oak leaf has been featured on so many coins throughout the years, not just the British coins, so look out for Italian, German and British coins in amongst. You'll also find never seen before cufflinks, some Irish rare coins and some chunkier women's designs that I have put together after requests for oversized links. It is basically a collection built by you, responding to your questions, ideas, likes and reviews; that is what has made this collection take shape and have a clear direction. 

My recent instagram poll revealed a 100% yes to double coin necklaces too, so they will be available. It's going to be a hive of heat in the workshop, with the smell of polishing oil and metal moving through the air. I can't wait!


I hope you find your forever coin this Autumn x

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