We Hold It Together, Because Together We Hold It All

We Hold It Together, Because Together We Hold It All

The last couple of months have been tough, lets face it. Everyone has their own story of how Covid-19 has affected them and their loved ones and so have we. I thought it was time to outline a few changes that I’ve implemented here at Prenoa HQ, to help you feel reassured that I can bring your gifts to you and send them on to loved ones, safely and reliably.

First of all, I am working alone in the studio. I anti bac, hand wash, mask up and take regular breaks. The studio is cleaned before and after use each day and the door is kept closed with the window often open. Every piece of government guideline is read and adhered to, and a little more for good measure. When it comes to safety, more is more. Having worked in hospitality for a number of years before teaching (& teaching Home Ec in secondary schools!) I know exactly what to do and I am working my very clean socks off to bring you what you need whilst access to the high street is limited. The biggest change of all is that Royal Mail will now be collecting my post each day, to save me trips to the Post Office, queuing and limiting the handling of orders. Orders are now taken directly to Peterborough sorting office Monday to Friday and this also means that you receive you items much more quickly than every before. In the wake of all this turmoil, improving service is still at the forefront of what I want to offer you safely.

Thank you for your messages and enquiries about how Prenoa is navigating these interesting times, and I hope that you have been reassured by my words. Who knows how long this virus will affect us as a nation and a world, but I truly hope to continue bringing little coins of hope and good luck to you swiftly and lovingly in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Stay safe and be kind to yourselves and others, wellness will prevail,

Becky xx

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