What is an Heirloom?

What is an Heirloom?

As you may have seen, we refer to our coin jewellery and accessories as heirloom quality. This is a term we have been using for several years and so it seemed high time for a blog post explaining what we mean by this. 

An heirloom is a treasured item, held by more than one generation of family or group. When we think of heirloom we associate history, loved ones and sentiment under that umbrella. Heirlooms traditionally don't always have huge value in monetary terms, but for anyone who has ever watched The Antique Roadshow on BBC1, you will have seen that some items held in families are cherished for the person or people that owned them, what they achieved in their lifetime or what they contributed to society. 

We believe this idea of passing history forward to a new generation should be a modern thing too. And that is why we make sure all our jewellery uses the very best materials and precious metals, so it is suitable to be given to loved ones in the future. What could be more amazing than wearing a three pence coin with your great grandmother's birth date on it? Or wearing a set of cufflinks for your wedding that are dated your father's birth year? What could be more wonderful than grannie's lucky sixpence worn around your neck or put in your shoe on your wedding day? 

Coins carry with them the intention of the many people that have moved them from one place to another. Many have spanned countries and continents to be where they are now. This is fascinating and we celebrate this and hope to create a way to help them continue to move around the world, even after we are gone. 

What kind of heirlooms does Prenoa make?

We like to think about products we can make that can be given from a young age, all the way up to a centenary birthday. Our tooth fairy coins, Christening coin bangles and even domed coin hat pins are suitable for a breadth of ages. 

To design a bespoke piece with us, why not send us an email to prenoajewellery@gmail.com 


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