About Prenoa

Prenoa is a luxury jewellery brand founded by Rebecca Addison in 2011. With four generations of coin collectors in her family, Rebecca combines her passion for silversmithing and design with a love of the natural world, to create cherished pieces from timeworn coins.

Today, Prenoa offers heirloom quality coin jewellery and accessories for all kinds of milestone moments. There is also a bespoke service for those extra special gifts, all handcrafted in Stamford UK.

Prenoa means 'being true to what is and what has been', paying homage to the coins and their history, as well as the story that is being added by you and your loved ones. 

With every touch, every rub, every exchange, we add an energy to our treasures that transcends time and captures a single moment. Coins can transport us to our childhood, our holidays and day to day life with loved ones passed. So many coins are special for unique reasons and Prenoa hopes to bring those associations to life once more, for as many people as possible. 

This is our legacy.