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1963 Port Cullis QEII Necklace

1963 Port Cullis QEII Necklace

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A distinctive coin, the 1963 threepence, makes an incredible pendant, due to it's unusual shape and size. It sets itself apart from other coins and makes a great focal pendant, ideal for those who like to wear something a bit different. This simple design featuring the coin with a new solid gold soldered bail, is ideal for both men and women and can be layered with other chains.


A real 1963 three pence coin, featuring the Tudor port cullis and Queen Elizabeth II. Brass, 22mm diameter, 2mm deep - drilled

Gold Vermeil Bail

Gold vermeil, filled or solid gold chain, 18-24inches

Suitable for: Occasional wear (solid gold, every day wear)

Great for: 60th birthday, 60th anniversary


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