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1887 Queen Victoria Sixpence Scroll Necklace - Sterling Silver

1887 Queen Victoria Sixpence Scroll Necklace - Sterling Silver

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Exquisite and timeless. This 1887 Jubilee sixpence necklace is a rare find and of heirloom quality. 


A truly stunning coin, a piece of Victorian history and in very fine condition. This sixpence is full sterling silver and a fantastic example of the craftsmanship and heritage of this golden era.

Handmade here in Stamford, the sixpence has been hand cleaned (very gently) and set in a solid sterling silver scroll mounted bezel. Fastening at the top, the coin rests, protected in the mount and could be removed by a jeweller if necessary.


Solid 925 sterling silver bezel, 1887 real Victorian sixpence in solid silver, and 1mm rolo sterling silver chain, 18-24inches in length

One of our rarer pieces, this silver necklace would make the most wonderful gift for a silver wedding anniversary, christening gift for wedding keepsake. Sixpences are the traditional coin of good luck, fortune, prosperity and wealth.

The design is reversible, showing the Jubilee head / shield on the tails and Queen Victoria in her empress robes on the heads side.


Suitable for: Occasional wear

Occasion to purchase: Silver wedding anniversary, Birthday Gift, 21st Birthday, Christening, Bridal Sixpence, Victorian Costume

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