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1933 Sixpence Acorns and Oak Leaves - Birthstone Necklace

1933 Sixpence Acorns and Oak Leaves - Birthstone Necklace

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These little coins are just so elegant and though timeworn, their details shines. Immortalising the British oak, the half silver lucky sixpence evokes the transition from acorn to wise oak in this cherished coin that will be the perfect 90th gift for your loved one. 


1933 dated acorns and oak leaves sixpence, very good condition, 19mm diameter, half silver, half cupronickel

Swarovski element birthstone, to commemorate the month of celebration

Freshwater pearl to represent wisdom on the journey of life

A very fine sterling silver pendant chain, measuring 18inches length



Celebrate: 90th Birthdays, 90th Anniversaries, Grandparent, Garden themed gift, friendship, family, Silver wedding anniversary


Beautifully gift boxed and ready for giving

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