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Thrift Threepence - Gold Toggle Necklace

Thrift Threepence - Gold Toggle Necklace

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This elegant coin gift is made using a real British brass threepence. It has been cleaned and drilled by hand and mounted onto a 9ct gold vermeil slip bail. A beautiful gift for a 40's or 50's enthusiast, or a gardenener or wildlife lover.

This beautiful design is simple and classic, allowing the detail of the coin to show. The threepence, or threepenny bit as it was also known, was a design showing the thrift plant (armeria), a small perennial plant found in the UK. The coin was emblemed with this plant during the 1940's and 50's to remind people to spend wisely, or showing thrift, throughout the post-WW2 period when rationing was still in place and the country was in economic recovery.


Threepence coin, ft the thrift plant and monarch. Brass, 22mm diameter, 2mm deep

Gold Filled Toggle Clasp and Bar, front fastening

Gold vermeil, filled or solid gold chain, 18-24inches


9ct Gold Plated Vermeil - Solid sterling silver plated in 1 micron of 9ct gold.

9ct Gold Filled - Pressure bonded 9ct gold on sterling silver (more hard wearing)

9ct Solid Gold - A solid gold link chain and gold filled attachments

Suitable for: Occasional wear

Gift for gardener, horticulturalist, botanist, monarchist or coin enthusiast

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