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Jenny Wren Scroll Mounted Toggle Necklace

Jenny Wren Scroll Mounted Toggle Necklace

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This stunning necklace designs is based on the Georgian technique of mounting coins in silver to present them as talismans and nobility items. Often seen as a way for women to wear 'pocket watch' style jewellery, fashionable at the time. This necklace is very high quality and frames the jenny wren farthing in  a clean, but traditional way.


Bronze farthing, mounted in sterling silver (1937-1950 dates available)

Sterling silver toggle clasp, front fastening

Sterling silver chain, 18-24inches in length

Ideal for: Occasional wear

Occasions: Bronze anniversary, 70th birthday, 70th anniversary, Christening (Jenny, Wren), Just Because

Gift boxed and ready for giving, this design is unique and includes a Prenoa care kit.

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