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Faith, Hope & Plenty Necklace

Faith, Hope & Plenty Necklace

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May you have faith in yourself and others,

Hope to look ahead and believe in better,

And plenty to experience and share with those you love. 


A twist on the classic 'faith, hope and charity' jewellery that was made popular in Victorian times and subsequently revived in the 80's, this necklace is a real treasure and is the first in a line of coin jewellery whose meanings transcend dates.

The sterling silver bird represents faith - to fly, to reach high in the generous present moment, to strive and to know that there is something inside every one of us that is so strong, anything is possible.

The freshwater pearl represents hope. Hope that good days will always be ahead of us (as Jason Mraz says 'may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrow's') and that we will alwatys see the best in ourselves and others.

The sixpence represents plenty. Plenty of love, plenty of money to follow our dreams, plenty to share with others, plenty to experience and plenty to appreciate. 

This necklace is a lovely reminder and talisman for those with a strong non-demoninational faith, perhaps someone taking a journey or moving away, someone who is following their dreams, or a baby who is stepping out in to the world to wear when they are older. Who comes to mind in your life?


Give the coin a little rub now and then, take a breath and say 'thank you'.


Solid Sterling Silver Sixpence, dated pre 1919

Freshwater Pearl

Sterling Silver Rolo chain, 18inches

Sterling silver swallow charm, removable from the chain


Ideal for: Silver Anniversary, Gift for graduate, Christening Gift, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, 21st Birthday, 16th Birthday, Gift for a friend, Leaving Gift, Finishing High School, Exam Results, Gift for Daughter


Gift boxed and ready for giving, or keeping


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