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Norwegian Bee Coin Necklace

Norwegian Bee Coin Necklace

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Handmade with silversmithing techniques, this coin pendant is made with sterling silver and a real 10 ORE Norwegian coin. These coins are becoming increasingly rare, just like our bee population.

The 10 ORE measure 16mm in diameter and is made of coppernickel. This is a small coin, perfect for a dainty neckline or for layering.

18in chain
An ideal gift for a man or woman with a love for Norway.
Featuring a bee design and crown on the heads and tails of the coin.

The date of your coin may vary from the photos. This is due to the rarity of coins and our every-changing collection here at Prenoa.

Our bee coin necklaces are loved all over the world and a portion of profits from these necklaces is donated to bee charities across the UK, to help preserve the habitat of these incredibly important creatures. Your support means the world to us and their survival. 

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