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Wren Cufflinks - Sterling Silver- King George VI

Wren Cufflinks - Sterling Silver- King George VI

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Made using real British farthings, these cufflinks are the perfect birthday or anniversary gift. They would also be a fantastic way to celebrate a bronze anniversary gift for your husband, brother or father.

The farthings feature King George VI on the heads side. The tails side, (the side shown unless requested differently), shows the beautiful British countryside bird, the jenny wren.

The coins have been cleaned and soldered to sterling silver spring loaded cuff-link blanks and polished to a shine.

This design of farthing has for many years been a favourite all over the world. Worth one quarter of an imperial pence, they were given as small change, pocket money and as lucky coins.

Each sixpence measures 20mm in diameter and the cuff link when extended measures 25mm in length and 20mm when attached to a shirt.

Farthings of this age are made of bronze.

Presented in a specially made Prenoa cufflink box, with elasticated hooks inside to keep the cufflinks steady and ready for you to gift. A silver polishing cloth is also included.

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