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Silver Threepence Wedding - Bridal Gift Something Old

Silver Threepence Wedding - Bridal Gift Something Old

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This lovely bridal pin features:

Something old - a genuine British threepence coin, made of half silver and half copper nickel, featuring the english rose.

Something new - a sterling silver plated pin to attach to a treasured wedding accessory or item on the bride's big day

Something borrowed - a freshwater peacock pearl, borrowed from nature

Something Blue - a Swarovski element bicone, to balance the darker hues of this design

A pale blue ribbon to signify 'tying the knot'.

This design is mounted on a card that explains the rhyme and tradition, along with heart-felt wishes for the bride on her special day.

The threepence (3d) coin is a very elegant and dainty coin, and comes in several different designs, which all feature in my wedding section.

As an additional gift, why not also add a British sixpence to your order, as the end of the rhyme says a silver sixpence in the bride's shoe will bring a lifetime of happiness in marriage. The sixpence I will include will have much wisdom to give, as it has been in circulation and comes complete with its own unique story.

Attach this bridal pin to a robe, garter, bouquet or shawl, to be visible, or even a secret between the giver and the bride. Each piece made by Prenoa is made especially for you, so you can be assured love, care and attention will be added to this item.

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