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Tiny Acorns - Threepence Earrings

Tiny Acorns - Threepence Earrings

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'From little acorns, mighty oaks grow'. These beautiful earrings are made with sterling silver and our specially selected real British threepence coins.


Threepences, thrupney bits, thrups, thrips, thrup'pence and 3d - these coins have been affectionately known by so many names since they were minted. Produced in silver, then half silver and minted until 1945 in various designs.


Two acorns and oaks half silver threepences, 16mm diameter

Sterling silver ear-post studs for pierced ears

Sterling silver butterfly back clips

Suitable for: Every Day wear (take off at night and for showering)

Great for: Silver Anniversary, Christening Gifts, Birthdays, Bridal, Boho and with a Prenoa bangle or two!

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